United Abrasive, Inc.
Founded 1939
We recycle over 2 million pounds of
scrap abrasive a year

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Ahead of Our Time ...
Recycling Abrasive Since 1939

United Abrasive, Inc. is a producer of re-cycled
aluminium oxide and silicon carbide abrasives

We need your used grinding wheel stubs or used sandblasting media.

Why landfill when you can re-cycle?
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The abrasive used in most grinding wheels is Alpha Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3). This is a synthetic product (man made) which requires an enormous amount of energy to produce. The most popular raw material used to make Al2O3 is from the mineral Bauxite, which is primarily used to make the metal aluminium.  Both materials require enormous amounts of energy to produce, but Al2O3 uses almost 2 times as much energy (Al2O3 requires temperatures of about 4,000 C, while aluminium metal requires heat of about 2,000 C.

Many companies landfill their used wheels, and blast abrasive, as most do not know they can be recycled. Land filling is possibly easier than recycling, but is definitely not good for the environment! Grinding wheels are not hazardous, as they are basically a high grade sterilized sand (they are not a form of silica which is hazardous), but when they are just dumped and buried, new Al2O3 grain must be produced! 

Please contact us if you would like to inquire about recycling Abrasive products. We do not recycle Fire Brick, Refractory, Steel Grit/Shot or other low % abrasives.

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